Conditions we specialize in

PhysioWorks believes in using a combination of hands-on therapy, education and exercise to reduce pain and improve function. We are constantly updating our clinical knowledge in order to provide the most up to date treatment approaches.

Conditions we specialize in


Sports injuries

Whether you are a high level athlete or just a beginner, we can help you return to sport painfree. PhysioWorks believes in both treating the symptoms of an injury and identifying the root cause, thereby preventing injury reoccurrence. We specialize in running and triathalon injuries, but see our fair share of other sporting injuries as well.

Neck and back pain

80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Spinal pain is therefore the most common condition that we treat. PhysioWorks believes that a combination of hands on therapy with a personalized home exercise programme is the best way to treat spinal pain.


Post operative treatment

Our job post surgery is to reduce pain and swelling and rehabilitate you back to function as soon as possible. ACL repairs, knee/hip replacements, rotator cuff repairs are some of the surgeries we treat.

Chronic pain

Patients who have long standing pain are some of the most challenging and rewarding patients we treat. PhysioWorks has a special interest in chronic pain patients and prides itself on being up to date with the latest evidence in pain science and chronic pain treatment.


Neural pain

Neural pain is one of the more unpleasant types of pain we experience. It often interrupts sleep and can cause a variety of other symptoms including pins and needles, numbness and weakness. PhysioWorks treats neural pain with manual therapy techniques and neural mobility exercises, providing fast effective relief.